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Olive Grove Charter School

Olive Grove Charter School was authorized by the California State Board of Education in July 2015.  

We are very pleased to have a new office and Learning Centers in New Cuyama, San Luis Obispo, Orcutt/ Santa Maria, Buellton, Lompoc, and Santa Barbara.  Please contact us for more information.



Contact Us



  • Adam Ramirez

    Santa Barbara Learning Center ARamirez@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Alison Chiaro

    Santa Barbara Learning Center AChiaro@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Alison Longworth

    Santa Barbara Learning Center ALongworth@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Alison Riede

    Santa Barbara Learning Center  ARiede@OliveGroveCharter.org Cupcake Wars Season 4, Episode 2 WINNER 🙂

  • Betty Hash

    Santa Barbara Learning Center BHash@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Brooke Lawrence

    Santa Maria Learning Center BLawrence@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Bryan Peariso

    Buellton Learning Center Principal BPeariso@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Bud Andrews

    Santa Barbara Learning Center BAndrews@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Carrie O’Keefe

    Santa Maria Learning Center COKeefe@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • David Edwards

    Santa Maria Learning Center DEdwards@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Dawn Wilson

    Chief Operating Officer DWilson@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Deborah Pirman

    Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo Learning Centers DPirman@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Delia Garnett

    Santa Maria Learning Center DGarnett@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Elsa Martinez

    ELL Student Support EMartinez@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Emily Wilson

    Lompoc Learning Center EWilson@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Gerald Danilewicz

    Santa Maria Learning Center GDanilewicz@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Heather Farrar

    San Luis Obispo Learning Center HFarrar@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Helengrace Halpin

    Santa Maria Learning Center HHalpin@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Jan Hermann

    Resource Specialist JHermann@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Janae Swenson

    Santa Barbara Learning Center JSwenson@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Kristal Keinert

    Santa Barbara Learning Center Principal KKeinert@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Kristan Morrison

    Lompoc Learning Center KMorrison@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Kyle Radford

    Santa Maria Learning Center KRadford@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Larry Madrigal

    Lab Sciences:  All Learning Centers LMadrigal@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Laura Levi

    Santa Barbara Learning Center LLevi@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Laura Mudge

    CEO/ EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LMudge@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Laurel Ciervo

    Counselor LCiervo@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Laurie Spencer

    Lompoc Learning Center LSpencer@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Lisa Miller

    Buellton Learning Center LMiller@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Maricela Michel

    ELL Support Facilitator/ Student Services MMichel@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Michelle Winters

    Orcutt/ Santa Maria Learning Center Principal MWinters@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Nicole Winters

    Lompoc Learning Center NWinters@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Richard Bresslin

    Lompoc Learning Center RBresslin@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Rita Beynon

    Special Education RBeynon@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Ryan Joy

    Resource Specialist RJoy@OliveGroveCharter.org  

  • Sahar Gullikson

    Santa Barbara Learning Center SGullikson@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Stacey Bean-Adams

    Santa Maria  Learning Center SAdams@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Summer Thomas

    SpEd Support Facilitator SThomas@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Valerie McCormick

    New Cuyama/ San Luis Obispo Learning Centers Principal VMcCormick@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Victoria Kumao

    San Luis Obispo Learning Center VKumao@OliveGroveCharter.org

  • Xenia Palacios

    District Data and Records Specialist XPalacios@OliveGroveCharter.org

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