Mission Statement

Olive Grove Charter School Mission Statement


Olive Grove Produces IDEAL Students:

      I = Informed Critical Thinkers

      D = Dedicated and Responsible Citizens

      E = Effective Communicators

      A = Able Technology Users

      L = Learners, Motivated and Self-Directed


The mission of the Olive Grove Charter School is to plan, monitor, and assist in the education of students K-12 in a home or blended school learning environment enabling them to speak, read, write, use technology, and calculate effectively to become self-motivated, competent, and life-long learners.  The Olive Grove Charter School will provide students with the necessary resources to achieve success and meet state standards in core academic subjects appropriate to their level.  Additionally, students will become career/college ready upon completion of the program.  This will be achieved in a collaborative effort with parents as primary deliverers of the educational program, certificated teachers and the community.


Olive Grove Charter School Vision and Purpose:

We the Community and Staff of Olive Grove Charter School Believe:

  • Every student can learn and be successful.
  • Every student can benefit from participating in a balanced curriculum of academics, technological application, arts, and physical education.
  • Education is a shared responsibility requiring the active collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • A successful learning environment is dependent upon respect, integrity, and equity.
  • A safe and clean environment is essential for effective learning.
  • Continuous fiscal solvency is critical to the success of the school. 

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