Advisory Council/ ELAC

Advisory Council/ELAC


As the Charter School is being established to serve the needs of the students, the Board believes that it is imperative that they shall value the active involvement of families. We will encourage the participation of parents in Olive Grove Charter School’s Advisory Council, which will be established to facilitate communication between all members of the OGCS community and to help meet the goals and objectives of the Charter School. 

California law does not require charter schools to establish school site advisory councils, however, OGCS believes that they can provide an important forum for bringing together parents, teachers and students, to hold structured dialogue about the educational program. OGCS will establish a school site advisory council to provide input in school planning, including development of the LCAP. Required school site advisory council composition shall include at least two parents, an EL parent representative, two staff members, and two students. 


Advisory Agenda 01/08/16


Advisory Agenda 03/04/16


Advisory Agenda 04/08/16


Advisory Agenda 05/20/16


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 09/16/16


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 10/28/16


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 12/05/16


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 01/13/17


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 3/31/17


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 5/19/17


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 6/06/17


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 11/13/17


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 1/17/18


Advisory/ELAC Agenda 2/14/18


Advisory/ELAC Meeting 3/14/18


Advisory/ELAC Meeting 4/11/18


Advisory/ELAC Meeting 5/9/18


Advisory/ELAC Meeting 6/6/18


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